Hanif and Lois Barnes

Houston Adventist Youth Directors

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As a Barnes duo, we are motivated to empower the family to infuse their lives with spiritual matters. Through the youth ministry department, we revere our ministry as the platform to affirm God’s people of their role in being accountable for the souls of the youth. As a team, we have intentionally put forth an epistemology that is focused on bringing the family back to the truths of the Seventh Day Adventist core mission. Through a shared leadership model, we seek to resurrect a church family to uplift the youth; so that as an army they can continue the work that was started by our forefathers. As vessels used by God, we are honored to serve in a position that defies the culture of ‘spiritual-lethargy’ and mere church attendance. By God’s grace, we intend to work in God’s army until He calls us home!

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