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Last Day Events Series

July 4th - Sept 1st, 2018 (Wednesdays, Saturdays)

Last Day Events

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Wednesday Nights @ 7:30 pm

July 4    Satan’s Last Day Deceptions
How the enemy plans to deceive mankind into doing his bidding?

July 11  The Shaking
How God will shake the Christians so that they will
decide on who they will trust and follow

July 18  The Latter Rain
How the Holy Spirit will rain down upon the Christians so that they will warn the world what is about to happen. However, their are conditions. What are they?

July 25  The Loud Cry
How will God let the world know that probation is closing?

August 1 The Seal of God
Who will be sealed? Why is God going to Seal His people?

August 8  The Close of Probation
What does the Bible tell us about Probation?

August 15  The 7 Last Plagues and the Wicked
What is going to happen to the wicked and how will it happen?

August 22  The Last Plagues and the Righteous
What will happen to the people of God during this horrific Time?

August 29  Christ’s Return
How Jesus will really arrive and what the enemy is hiding?

September 5  The Inheritance of the Saints
What happens upon Resurrection?

Saturdays @ 11:50 am

July 7 The Time of Probation
July 14 Revelation Plagues – 1st
July 21 Revelation Plagues – 2nd
July 28 Revelation Plagues – 3rd
August 11 Revelation Plagues – 4th
August 18 Revelation Plagues – 5th
August 25 Revelation Plagues – 6th
Sept 1 Revelation Plagues – 7th

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