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Adventist Heritage Weekend

The Relevance of the Sanctuary Message Today October 26-27 - Dr. Roy Adams


Adventist Heritage Weekend

October 26-27

Theme: “The Relevance of the Sanctuary Message Today”

Presenter Dr. Roy Adams associate editor of Adventist Review[retired]

Location & Times Friday, October 26 @ Houston Central Seventh-day Adventist Church 7 pm

Friday evening: “It’s All about Jesus: My Experience with the Doctrine of the Sanctuary.”

[I really wish that all weekend attendees would get a chance to hear about my personal encounter with this doctrine, and what the sanctuary has come to mean for me. It would put the rest of the weekend in perspective for them.]

Sabbath Morning October 27 Houston Central Seventh-day Adventist Church 11 am

Sabbath morning: “How Shall We Stand? Grappling with the Issue of Sin.”

[Adventism’s problem with salvation, assurance, and perfection has had much to do with a certain understanding of the sanctuary and its cleansing–which has been the source of much controversy in the church. And our understanding (or misunderstanding) of sin lies at the root of it.]

Sabbath Afternoon October 27 Houston West Seventh-day Adventist Church 3 pm

Sabbath afternoon: “The Heavenly Sanctuary: Speaking to Our Times.”

[Here I grapple with matters involving the defilement and cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary, and what that means in practical terms for people in contemporary society and the church. As the climax of my presentations, it gets into some difficulty areas of the doctrine. I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will make things clear to us.]

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